Dr. Madan has provided really great care for my dry eyes. She’s very knowledgeable and patient and really takes the time to explain what is happening and provide treatment. She really listens to your concerns. I would recommend her and am really glad I was referred here.
– Grace

After cataract surgery, I had severe dry eye as I had worn contacts for over 25 years. Ophthalmologists were too busy for follow up. Researching, I discovered Dr. Madan who was understanding and so knowledgeable. It has been a long year and dedication following her advice. I’m now 90% dry eye free but still need to stay on top which is manageable. Thank you Dr. Madan for being there and getting me through this.

– Jenny

Where can you find a physician with a beautiful , kind, great listener and knowledgeable in these days? She is so sweet and very patience and a beautiful person. If you see her you forgot what is the reason you are here because she made you so comfortable . God bless her heart. Thank you Dr. Madan. You are the Best!
– Jessie

Very careful and knowledgeable specialist who thoroughly tested/examined me and gave me her recommendation and treatment plan. I have followed this treatment for a couple weeks and am very pleased that I at last have relief for my years long dry eye condition.
– Joseph

Dr. Madan is knowledgeable and professional. Her examinations are thorough and she orders pre-tests well in advance of her appointments.
– Henry

Dr. Madan and her staff are always polite, courteous and efficient every time I have an appointment. The service is spot on and moves along at a quick pace. Great location, as well.
– Darcy

Dr. Madan has provided me excellent care and service. Eye problems can be very stressful but Dr. Madan’s calm and kind demeanor, and customization of an individual treatment plan, brought me great comfort. Thank you.
– Kevin

I had a great experience at Dr. Madan’s practice. She was extremely thorough in her examination and patiently explained my condition. What I appreciated most, is that she gave me a number of options for treatment and provided the risks and benefits for each. I also loved that she has an interest in preventative medicine and offers great advice on how to keep your eyes healthy to avoid future disease. A friendly, progressive doctor who knows her stuff! Highly recommend her team!
– Kavita

Highly recommend Dr Madan to all of my friends and family for their eye exams. Upon a routine exam she was able to detect issues in my eyes and had me referred to a specialist immediately. Her follow up and care is something to be noted as well. I’m forever grateful for Dr Madan and all her work in the optometry industry! Also, she has a great Instagram page!! @dr.mahnia.madan
– Rachel

An informative dry eye doctor! She always take the time to listen to all my concerns. If you are looking for an expert and knowledgeable doctor in the dry eye field, I highly recommend Dr. Madan!
– Brandon

I was very impressed on the two occasions that I met with Dr Madan. Not only Is Dr. Madan professional in her field of work, she also displays a caring and gentle manner while being attentive to my needs. The prescribed medication and treatment given for my eye condition worked extremely well. Dr. Madan even went to the trouble of writing out all the instructions for me to follow, with a follow-up plan in place.
– Carol

My eyes were incredibly irritated and red, with one treatment Dr. Madan solved a lot of my issues. Would highly recommend
– Nav

Dr. Mahnia is awesome! She is super professional, personable, and is on the forefront of dry eye knowledge and therapy!
– Sharon L.

Helpful and knowledgable. I would highly recommend.
– Sara